Halo’s Master Chief is Helping to Finish the Fight Against Coronavirus

Steve Downes, the longtime actor for Halo’s Master Chief, is raising money throughout April to combat coronavirus through the use of his iconic voice.

Master Chief himself has now joined the battle against COVID-19.

In a new message on Twitter, Steve Downes, who has been the voice of the iconic Master Chief in every Halo title since Combat Evolved, said that he’ll be raising money throughout the month of April for the charity Project C.U.R.E. Downes utilizes a platform called Cameo to frequently record short greetings for Halo fans around the world in the voice of Master Chief. While this is typically a side project that allows Downes to net himself some more personal income, all funds that will be raised via Cameo in the coming month will instead be given to this organization.

“It’s a great cause and maybe together, we can help finish this fight,” Downes said in his video.

Any jokes or levity aside, this is a really cool move on Downes’ part. Project C.U.R.E., as Downes points out in his message, is an organization that helps deliver medical supplies and equipment to hospitals around the country. In the midst of this ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many hospitals have started to run low on essential supplies that both help save patients and protect healthcare workers.

So if you’ve got some extra money right now and want to receive a cool message from Master Chief, why not throw a few bucks Downes’ way in April? He only charges around $67 to record a message for you or someone else in your life who may get a kick out of one of these personalized messages. I’ll be totally honest, this might be something I’ll even take Downes up on soon for myself.

As for Downes’ next appearance as Master Chief, he’s once again set to voice the character again later this year when Halo Infinite launches on Xbox One, PC, and the next-gen Xbox Series X platform.

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