Has Activision Hinted That The Warzone Zombie Outbreak Could Spread Across Verdansk?

Let’s take a look at a recent Call of Duty tweet.

Warzone Season Two is now underway and along with it a whole host of changes. There is a range of new weapons, bunkers and most importantly a very big new location – Shipwreck. After teasing that a cargo container could hit Verdansk, Vodyanoy impacted the shore near Prison on the day of the update, and with it, the beginning of a potential Warzone Zombie outbreak.

What’s the current Zombie situation?

Currently, the undead are packed aboard the Vodyanoy’s wrecked carcass. After players have fought their way through the hottest drop on the map, they are greeted by a bunch of Zombie’s who hold a special item. At this point, however, they are at the Shipwreck and only the Shipwreck.

Has Activision hinted that the Warzone Zombies could cause an Outbreak across Verdansk?

In a recent tweet from the official Call of Duty Twitter account, an image and message were posted that could suggest trouble is on its way.

The tweet warns players to “Keep your head on a swivel around the Vodianoy crash site in #Warzone…” before stating that the threat level is “minor” and the objective is simply “containment”.

While this could easily just be a tweet to hype up Season Two’s latest addition, it could also be setting up the objective for failure. Quite conceivably, containment could fail, the Zombies spread across the map and the threat level rises – creating havoc across Verdansk.

What could that mean for Verdansk?

Well, significantly, it was reported yesterday that by April, the plan is to obliterate the fictional location in favour of a Black Ops focused Warzone map. This tweet could in fact be laying the groundwork for exactly that.

Imagine a scenario – Zombies start to spread across Verdansk, leaving players fighting the opposition, alongside undead hordes. The only way to stop them from spreading any further? By bombing the city and paving the way for a new map to rise from its predecessor’s ashes.

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