Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act Explores Labor and Game Development in This Week’s New Episode

In the latest episode, Hasan Minhaj talks to several game developers to look deeper at the growing labor concerns of the games industry.

With each passing year, the video game industry continues to grow not only from a business perspective, but also in cultural relevance and influence. However, as the games industry has gotten bigger, so have its concerns around labor and business practices, as we’ve seen from the numerous layoffs, studio closures, and more that have plagued it. With that being said, Netflix’s Patriot Act is looking deeper into the subject with a closer look at the games industry’s more troubled aspects.

Patriot Act, the weekly comedic news series from Netflix and hosted by former Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj, focused its latest episode (and the first of its fourth volume) this week on the topic of labor within game development, providing viewers with a deeper examination at one of the games industry’s most heated discussions.

Specifically the episode, titled “The Dark Side of the Video Game Industry,” brings on a number of additional voices to share their insights into the industry, such as former Telltale Games designer Emily Grace Buck and Kotaku‘s Cecilia D’Anastasio. Minhaj also makes a few references to Game Workers Unite, which is a growing organization that has been bringing more attention to these labor issues in the industry and towards unionization for game developers.

Patriot Act is available to stream on Netflix, with new episodes of the series airing every Sunday. For a look at the latest episode, “The Dark Side of the Video Game Industry,” you can check out the games-related segment below on YouTube or stream the full episode on Netflix.

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