Haunted Hallows Returns to Rocket League This Month

Haunted Hallows returns this month with more details landing later this week.

As we’re in the spooky territory this month with Halloween approaching rapidly, Rocket League looks to be bringing a scare to the game with the return of Haunted Hallows this month. Alongside the seasonal event are some quality-of-life improvements.

As detailed by the blog post, Rocket League players will get to take part in the seasonal event titled, Haunted Hallows. The event will allow players to earn Candy Corn as they play matches and then use said limited-time in-game currency to purchase limited-time cosmetics.

Obviously, we can expect to see a range of spooky decals, toppers, wheels, and probably some rocket boosts or trails. There may also be Golden Egg’s which usually offer a random item.

The event will take place as soon as the game updates on October 14. Specific details surrounding the event are minimal at the moment, but there is something happening as Psyonix state that the event “is ready to flip what you expect from the usual Haunted Hallows”

In addition to the Haunted Hallows event, there are several features being introduced to Rocket League.

rocket league october 2019 update

One of these features is a post-game party-up system. This is designed to allow random players on the same team to join together once the current match is over. This will group the players together into a party and allow them to join the next match together.

There’s also a team-colored boost meter that will change the background of the boost meter to match your team’s color. This includes the usual blue and orange colors, but also custom team colors. And regarding accessibility, the boost meters are supported with colorblind modes.

Players will also find a new Quickplay button arriving in Rocket League, allowing them to immediately start searching for a match in the previously selected playlist. New players who choose Quickplay will automatically default to 3v3 Standard.

Two new teams will also be added to the Esports Shop rotation, introducing new items for Complexity and Spacestation Gaming.

The October update for Rocket League will also introduce a new news section. The usual grid is now replaced with a new welcome screen which details new events, DLC, and other major announcements for the game. It can be hidden and reopened through a hidden News Tab on the right-hand side of the screen.

More details surrounding the Haunted Hallows heading to Rocket League in the October update will be revealed sometime later this week. Another update is planned for December which will as promised, start to replace the current Loot Crate system with Blueprints.

You can grab Rocket League on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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