Henry Cavill Whips out His Sword as New The Witcher Photo Surfaces

Henry Cavill grabs his steel sword and shows it off in new photo for Netflix’s The Witcher series.

Yes, we’ve all been waiting for Henry Cavil to show off his swords that he’ll be holding onto throughout Netflix’s upcoming The Witcher. As it happens, an image has  surfaced showing a dramatic Geralt holding a steel sword.

Those who remember the first bunch of images in July of this year will recall seeing Geralt wielding his steel sword, and then a bit later in July, we saw Geralt riding Roach with the steel sword on his back. We’ve also seen the teaser for the Netflix series go live. However, the latest photo to have surfaced shows off the reverse side of the steel sword in more detail.

the witcher netflix sword

Redanian Intelligence state that the photo appears to be from the Canary Islands photoshoot, which is where the last bunch of marketing photos originated from. The photo shows Geralt’s steel sword with some jewels that can be seen on the chappe, just above the cross-guard. We still haven’t seen the silver sword Geralt uses to slay supernatural beasts, but it feels as if we’re getting closer to a reveal.

At current this is the only photo to have randomly surfaced, so this could mean more are on the way, and to be honest, I want to see a new trailer. A release date for the Netflix The Witcher series has still not been confirmed, but it might have been potentially leaked. What are your thoughts on the above image?

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