Here Be Dragons and Its Eye-Catching Art Style Comes to Early Access Today

Here Be Dragons has one of the most appealing art styles I’ve seen in 2019.

Here Be Dragons is a turn-based strategy game from the six-person team at Red Zero Games. The game has an awesome art style that looks completely different from anything else on the market. Instead of a normal overworld, the game takes place on what the team calls a “living map”. It looks like someone took the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter and turned it into a massive sea battle. Check it out in action below.

Here Be Dragons is a satirical take on Christopher Columbus’ journey to discover the New World. On your trip, you’ll face off against Kraken and tritons, banish ghost ships, and meet some of the oddest characters on the sea. It’s definitely a new take on that segment of history and, if they can nail the humor, they might have something special on their hands.

To win the many naval battles the game throws at you, you’ll need to use a combination of good strategy and a few lucky dice rolls. The game uses a dice activation system to facilitate every action in the game. Board game fans might recognize this style of interaction from games like Roll for the Galaxy. You’ll roll your pot of die and then assign each die to a different area. It mitigates the luck needed to win quite a bit, while still allowing for some swings in fortune.

Even though the game just launched into early access, there seems to be quite a bit here. Here Be Dragons already has six campaigns, 20 scenarios, and tons of other content. Red Zero plans to only be in early access for 3-6 months, so this one should be releasing very soon.

Here Be Dragons will come to Android, iOS, and PC when it does release. Stay with DualShockers for all your indie news.

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