Here's Untitled Goose Game's goose in its most terrifying role to date

If you’ve yet to finish up your PC playthrough of Resident Evil 2 because you’ve been too distracted by the antics of a certain renegade goose, I have wonderful, if a tad unsettling, news. A PC mod now replaces Resident Evil 2’s terrifying Mr. X with an even scarier sight: the goose from Untitled Goose Game.

As Goose has swiftly become one of gaming’s most devilishly delinquent characters, it seems a natural progression to bring the bird to Raccoon City, particularly as the modder behind this particular mash-up also brought us the nightmare fuel that was the Thomas the Tank Engine mod, too.

While yet to be formally released, you can see the mod in action on modder ZombieAli’s Twitter account. I’m delighted to confirm that yes, Goose retains the Fedora “because he is just so fancy like that” and yes, the final version will “include extra HONKS”.

Of course, this isn’t the only eyebrow-raising mod to come out of the Resident Evil 2 modding community. As well the retro outfits for Leon and Claire and another that lets you play Resident Evil 2 in first-person mode, there’s also a Mr. X mod that strips the Tyrant down to an Umbrella thong and another that turns him into Thomas the Tank Engine. You’re welcome.

Aoife gave the remake a hearty recommendation in her Eurogamer Resident Evil 2 review, stating that even though “some story beats have been streamlined and some gameplay mechanics have been embellished or added to, this is a reimagining that sticks remarkably close to its source material”.

Thanks, Destructoid.

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