Hitman 3 is Being Developed by IO Interactive, May Return to the Episodic Format

IOI is said to be working on Hitman 3 alongside the development of a new IP.

This morning, YouTube channel Noclip released a new documentary about IO Interactive and the Hitman series. While I haven’t watched the full video for myself yet, if it’s anything like Noclip’s past work, it’s probably excellent. Near the end of the documentary though, details on the future of the Hitman series and what developer IOI is working on next were seemingly divulged.

As stated in the video, IOI is currently continuing to work on new content for the latest installment Hitman 2. However, another portion of the team has now seemingly shifted gears and is looking forward to the next game in the series, which would assumedly be Hitman 3. According to the documentary, the early idea of this third game in the current Hitman series is also being considered to be released episodically. While Hitman 2 opted not to go down this route, the 2016 reboot of the franchise released as six episodes spread out over the course of the year.

In addition to working on Hitman 3 though, IOI is also apparently working on an entirely new IP, too. The studio’s team at Copenhagen is said to be working on a new project entirely separate from the Hitman brand. Up until this point, IOI has created 4 original IPs, and this would be the fifth.

“We are still very much independent. We’re looking into the future with new things. Potentially, new IPs that we might be working on,” said Hakan Abrak, IOI’s CEO near the end of the video. “We’re looking forward to bringing new stuff as well apart from growing Hitman into the world.”

Of course, just because we now have an idea of what IOI might be working on moving forward doesn’t indicate when we might see either Hitman 3 or this new IP come to light. With the next generation of consoles coming around the corner, maybe IOI is gearing up to get both of these new projects on new hardware rather than releasing them on current platforms. Only time will tell.

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