Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game Delayed Due to COVID-19

Steamforged Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game met with delays due to the ongoing problems being caused by COVID-19.

Steamforged Games, the developers behind the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game, put out an announcement today giving Kickstarter backers an update on the game. The company is based in the United Kingdom, which was recently put into lockdown due to COVID-19. Because of that, the team is now fully working from home, and production changes are on the table.

Obviously, the most important part of all of this is the health and safety of the team. Fortunately, Steamforged has some experience working with remote partners. Everyone on staff was able to quickly transition to working from home and things are continuing as normal. So, in that regard, things are moving along. Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game is still on track and ready for production. However, COVID-19 has forced delays throughout the industry as the factories board game companies use have been forced to shut down or alter hours due to the outbreak. Many projects ahead of Horizon Zero Dawn in the production queue have been hit with delays, and those have to finish before HZD moves through the pipeline.

That being said, the team did share some exciting information. At the end of the update, Steamforged posted a picture and short write up of everything included in the limited edition pledges. It’s pretty incredible. If you backed at the “All-In” level, you’re getting the base game and eleven expansions, each with their own box. When those boxes are stacked up it’s nearly the same height as a grown man! Hopefully, you’ve got your storage plans in order for this absolutely massive game.

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