Icons: Legacy Edition Finally Released Today

Icons: Legacy Edition, the promised definitive version of 2018’s Icons: Combat Arena, has finally released on Steam for $4.99

Last week, I published “Icons: Combat Arena — The Past and Future of this Troubled Fighting Game,” a feature that delved into the game’s development. While a definitive edition with offline play was promised back when the game shut down, it was never released. That being said, Wavedash Co-Founder Chris Kovalik revealed to DualShockers that the definitive version was still on its way, and it finally released today. Now known as Icons: Legacy Edition, this new version of the Smash Bros.-like fighter comes with its share of interesting improvements.

Even with those enhancements, Kovalik still wanted the core of the game to be a “snapshot” of what Icons: Combat Arena was like in fall 2018 as a tribute to both its developers and loyal fanbase. Icons: Legacy Edition is completely free to anyone who bought anything during the game’s original free-to-play run. For everyone else, it will cost $4.99, though every character, skin, emote, taunt, and voice line that had to be purchased previously are included.

In addition to some improved visuals and animations, Icons: Legacy Edition removes input lag during offline play, which was a major gameplay issue with the initial release. The game is also no-longer region-locked due to its support for peer-to-peer connections. The biggest change by far is that the game can now support 6 players online with two spectator slots. All of these improvements are laying the groundwork for Vortex Rising, an upcoming game from Kovalik’s new studio Vortex Games. Icons: Legacy Edition will preserve a fighting game that was almost lost to time, which any member of the fighting game community should appreciate.

Icons: Legacy Edition is available now and you can check it out on Steam. Those that want to see some gameplay can watch this 6-player online match below:

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