Immortal Rogue's anniversary update adds a New Game+ mode, era-changing events, fresh weapons, and more

Immortal Rogue is excellent; I know it, you know it, Harry knew it when he reviewed it early last year. It’s a tricky, endlessly inventive roguelike from indie developer Kyle Barrett, and it’s set to receive a bumper update for its first anniversary. It’s planned to launch this Thursday, February 20th, and it’ll add a ton of new content for fans new and old to enjoy.

If you missed it last year, Immortal Rogue casts you as an immortal vampire who just keeps on coming back after every death. Hunting specific types of citizen will have a direct impact on the world you return to on your next run.

This changes the hack-and-slash gameplay in novel ways; for example, your choices can cast the world’s technology back several hundred years at a time, forcing your enemies to resort to using spears. Your choices will also alter the environments and period you’ll explore, from medieval times to a far-off, dystopian future.

The anniversary update adds combat thralls to take under your wing and level up. Each of them comes with its own unique attributes and skill to test out, further developing the game’s already excellent combat.

For me, the most exciting new addition is Throne Mode – basically Immortal Rogue’s take on New Game+. This allows you to play through the game again with harder enemies and fresh challenges. But with the increased risk comes even greater rewards. Some of these include new boss weapons and elder blood skills.

On top of all that, the update also adds era-changing events to test your mettle on. Basically, you can expect new mission types and scenarios to pop up depending on how you navigate an era. Some examples include a zombie outbreak, a mob uprising, and even a full-on faction war.

If you haven’t already taken Immortal Rogue for a spin, you’ll find it available for purchase now from both the App Store and Google Play.

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