Important tips to collect every star – Dadish cheats, tips


Cute double jumps

Dadish, that is the dad radish himself, not the game, has a double jump, which as his child exclaims, is very impressive indeed. Not many people outside of video games can jump whilst mid-air.

It’s a very simple little movement for the little radish, but will quickly become entirely essential to moving through the game.

A tip is to not mash it out, nor just use it at the apex of your jump. Time it carefully, as some situations will require you to jump as you drop, a bit like Flappy Bird.


Finding the movement buttons…

There are no on-screen movement buttons or UI for Dadish, which is why you’ll have to feel around for them – just make sure to do this before attempting a risky jump…

Each stage starts with you tapping a big green “GO” button, and that will be where your thumb should be for movement. Move it slightly to the right, you move right, slightly to the left, you move left – but there is an area on the screen which dictates which direction you move in.

Move your thumb around on the screen and attempting moving and jumping somewhere safe – if you don’t remember exactly where to press to move, you might find yourself going the wrong way mid-jump, which spells disaster…


Searching for stars

Almost every stage you play through will include a star hidden away somewhere, and while some of these are simple to attain, others can be a bit of a pain, forcing restarts.

You only need these stars for 100% completion, but that is a pretty good reason to grab them the first time around for me. What you need is an eager eye, and a good knowledge of how the stage plays out.

Sometimes you may even need to deliberately drop platforms, or deliberately avoid dropping others, in order to make pathways towards hidden stars. This isn’t always easy, but it’s always worthwhile.


Perfect timing

As mentioned, eventually things will just become a matter of timing. Dadish doesn’t learn new skills, he may push boxes occasionally, drop platforms, and hit the odd switch, but he doesn’t exactly become a platforming swiss-army knife.

As such, the most complicated platforming challenges will be all about ensuring you’re pressing jump at the right time while avoiding enemies, avoiding spikes, and anything else. Some enemies are even pizza slices.

In many instances, you’ll simply need to take a good look at the platforming challenge ahead before ploughing onwards. Take it slow and steady, and you’ll succeed.

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