In the Resident Evil 3 remake, Nemesis can break into safe rooms

The Resident Evil 3 remake already looks intense, with Nemesis stalking you around Raccoon City. But things just got extra sweaty with the revelation the hulking monster thing can break into the game’s safe rooms if he’s chasing you.

As revealed by Official Xbox Magazine,via Reddit, Nemesis is the first monster in Resident Evil history capable of breaking into safe rooms. I guess this means we can’t call the safe rooms safe rooms anymore? So, just rooms?

For the unfamiliar, the Resident Evil games include safe rooms, or save rooms, that often include typewriters you use to save your game. There’s nice safe room music, too. Here’s a reminder:

The safe rooms are calm, let you plan your routes and, crucially, keep you safe no matter what’s going on just outside the door. Not in the Resident Evil 3 remake, though. The first time Nemesis bursts into a safe room I’m going to crap myself. I’m calling it now. Actual crap everywhere.

Now, what if Nemesis can trash the typewriter, too, thus preventing your carefully planned save along your route?

No, that would just be too much.

I detect a little concern alongside the revelation Nemesis can burst into the safe rooms. Does it undermine the safe room idea? As my colleague Emma pointed out, if the safe room isn’t safe, you lose that brief moment of respite from the horror – and you lose the sense of dread you get from the realisation you’ll soon have to venture outside again. Could the whole thing just end up frustrating?

It’s important to note that Nemesis will only break Resident Evil’s safe room rule if he’s chasing you, so, I presume, if he isn’t actively chasing you a safe room will be safe. But the difference here compared to how Mr. X operates in the Resident Evil 2 remake, for example, is if Nemesis is chasing you, you can’t cheese it into a safe room to escape the inevitable. In the Resident Evil 3 remake, if nemesis is after you, you’re going to have to deal with him – or keep running. And running. And running.

Whatever the case, the first time Nemesis bursts through a safe room wall to grab you around the neck is a guaranteed scream. I just hope I recover from the heart attack to finish the game.

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