Inazuma Eleven Ares Renamed to Inazuma Eleven Heroes Great Road, Gets Delayed to Spring 2020

Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino said Inazuma Eleven Heroes Great Road will also have a focus on Esports and be a “brand new type of RPG”.

In a blog post published on September 27, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino shared a development update on the future of Inazuma Eleven games. As you probably know, the latest game in the series, Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin, has been delayed multiple times for over two years now, and still has no release date. The anime season based on the game has already finished.

Even the sequel season, Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin, finished airing. This is unprecedented in the history of Japanese kids shows tied with toys and games. In fact, Orion no Kokuin‘s final episode aired on September 27, hence why Akihiro Hino released a message on this date.

In the blog post, Akihiro Hino started by apologizing about the delays and how the anime seasons ended before the game released. He added that in the past Level-5 used to outsource parts of the game’s development, but now they switched to 100% inhouse development to further increase the quality of the game.

Next, Hino announced the game is also getting a name change. It won’t be named Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin, like the anime season anymore. The new Inazuma Eleven game is now called Inazuma Eleven Eiyuu Tachi no Great Road, which can be translated to Inazuma Eleven Heroes’ Great Road.

Hino also said the game’s systems are getting reworked to make Inazuma Eleven Great Road more exciting. Most notably, the game has a mouse-like system, letting you click to pick the players’ trajectories. The story will be based on Ares no Tenbin‘s anime story, but will also feature the old characters and be a “plus alpha” title.

Hino also said Inazuma Eleven Heroes’ Great Road will have a higher degree of freedom than past games. It’ll be a “brand new type of RPG”, with new game systems. It’ll even have an Esports aspect. Features from previous games are coming back too, like characters recruitment, raising characters, and things unlocked by linking toys with the game.

Lastly, Hino said Inazuma Eleven Heroes Great Road will now be launching in Spring 2020. A new screenshot was published too, seen above.

In an interview we covered, Hino also talked about the future of Level-5 as a whole and which measures they took to avoid their games getting delayed like that anymore.

Inazuma Eleven Great Road is supposed to launch for PS4, Switch, iOS, and Android, in Spring 2020.

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