Inazuma Eleven Heroes Great Road Development Update, New Key Visual

Akihiro Hino shared a development update on Inazuma Eleven Heroes Great Road, one of the most delayed games of the last decade.

Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino tweeted about Inazuma Eleven Heroes Great Road on March 18, sharing a new development update on one of the most delayed games of the past ten years.

Here’s a quick translation:

Akihiro Hino: “I know you’ve been waiting for Inazuma Eleven Eiyuu Tachi no Great Road. As you might have guessed, the game’s development is pretty difficult as we changed the engine and other things. I don’t know how yet, but by April, I will make some kind of announcement regarding the game, so please wait a bit longer. Please check out this new key visual in the meantime.”

This new Inazuma Eleven game was already delayed many, many times in the past. You’ll easily learn more with our past coverage.  It was also initially called Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin / Scales of Ares before being rebranded as Eiyuu Tachi no Great Road / Heroes Great Road in September 2019. The game was announced for Spring 2020 back then, on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. However, the official site in early 2020 implicitly confirmed the game was delayed to later 2020.

I hope Akihiro Hino and all of Level-5 will be able to deliver us a great, awesome イナイレ game soon, finally waking up from this nightmare. And I hope next time we get screenshots or a key visual, it’ll feature best goalkeeper Norika.

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