Innovative memory-based puzzler Silly Memory takes you on a charming adventure through space

CDO Apps’ humorous memory-based puzzler Silly Memory has launched today for iOS and Android devices. It’s a smart, innovative play on the sort of memory games that continue to be highly popular on the App Store and Google Play.

 You play as Gorzbul, an inquisitive alien, intrigued by mankind. After deciphering human transmissions scattered across space, Gorzbul decides to head on an adventure and find a path to Earth.

It’s going to be a long, challenging journey, so he’ll need to hone his tech skills if he’s to make it there in one piece. Thankfully, he has the cynical yet friendly “AI” to help him out along the way, acting as both a witty mentor and friend. In total, there are 7 unique and memorable characters to meet throughout the galaxy.

The game’s memory challenges all require speed and sound logic, with 30 increasingly tricky levels for you to take on and master, as well as a varied selection of secondary missions and weekly challenges.

On top of all that, there’s also an endless mode where the level of difficulty just keeps on rising. It’s perfect for those who’ve already worked their way through the campaign and fancy showing off their skills. And it looks great to boot, with a colourful cartoon aesthetic and soundtrack.

Silly Memory is a fun, innovative game with charm to spare; you’ll find it available for download now on iOS and Android.

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