Insomniac Games’ Ambitious VR Game Stormland Gets a Brand New Trailer

We have finally gotten another look at Insomniac Games’ Oculus Rift exclusive VR game Stormland prior to its PAX West 2019 appearance.

Despite being acquired recently by Sony Interactive Entertainment, developer Insomniac Games does have an Oculus-published Rift exclusive in the works: Stormland. It has been a bit since we heard about the ambitious open world VR shooter, but Oculus Studios released a brand new trailer for the game prior to its appearance at PAX West.

As a whole, the trailer gives a nice overview of Stormland and the various playstyles one can use when completing objectives. For most situations, players can decide to go in stealthily, though gunfights may start if the player gets spotted. We see a fair bit of shooting with variety of weapons as well as some abilities players can use to turn the tide of the fight in their favor. On top of that, Stormland will feature multiplayer. For a VR game, the shooting seems very slick, varied, and fast-paced, so it should definitely be a title for VR enthusiasts to keep their eye on.

If you want a read a more dynamic dive into what exactly Insomniac Games’ latest VR game is, you can check out our preview from last year’s PAX West as well as DualShockers’ interview with Chad Dezern from Insomniac Games. You will be able to play Stormland only on Oculus Rift or the new Rift S model come Holiday 2019.

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