Iron Man VR New Videos Introduces Its Exclusive Impulse Armor and New Gameplay

Iron Man VR’s Behind The Scenes video reveals more on the upcoming action game by Camouflaj.

During San Diego Con Comic held on July 18, Sony revealed more on the upcoming action game Marvel’s Iron Man VR. Most notably, a Behind The Scenes video with Iron Man VR’s developers at Camouflaj was published, along with a timelapse drawing of the Impulse Amor.

The Behind The Scenes video details how the devs at Camouflaj managed to simulate the sensation of being Iron Man and flying in the sky in VR, managing your thrusters and weapons. They took particular attention in making the game as realistic as possible, with players being able to feel the momentum of Iron Man’s suit. The gameplay shown also displays the various type of missions in the game, such as defeating waves of enemies or escort missions.

The second video is a timelapse of a drawing of the Impulse Armor by Marvel illustrator Adi Granov. The Impulse Armor is a new, exclusive Iron Man suit players control in Iron Man VR.

Both the Behind The Scenes video with new gameplay, and the Impulse Armor timelapse drawing video can be found below.

Iron Man VR is set to release on PS4 and PS VR in late 2019. The game has no precise release date yet.

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