It looks like the next Total War Saga game is Troy

They’re not horsing around.

The next Total War Saga game is Troy, according to a trademark filing.

Over on the Total War subreddit, user zhxws posted a link to the listing on the UK’s Intellectual Property Office website. Total War Saga: Troy is the name of the game, and the trademark is owned by developer The Creative Assembly.

Total War Saga titles are like the main Total War strategy games, but focused on a particular time period as opposed to an era. The first Total War Saga title, Thrones of Britannia, came out in May 2018, and was set in the British Isles, 878 AD, with 10 playable factions.

We don’t know anything official about Total War Saga: Troy, but it’s easy to imagine the Bronze Age setting and playable factions. Troy was of course an ancient Greek city and the setting of the Trojan War, and fans are already having fun speculating about units.

“Imagine doing the 10 years siege,” CroxoRaptor wrote on reddit. “Fighting the Amazons. Or have your OP fighter be killed by one arrow in the foot.”

“Achilles,” OrkfaellerX began. “+80 per cent physical resistance. -200 per cent missile resistance.”

Sega has yet to announce the game, but with Gamescom nearly upon us, I imagine the wait won’t be long. Until then, here’s Brad Pitt overacting again.

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