John Romero’s Ultimate Doom Expansion Sigil Has Been Delayed to April

Sigil has been delayed to April 2019 instead of sometime this month due to a snag in the production of its special physical version.

John Romero has announced that his Doom expansion Sigil has encountered a few snags in producing the Big Box and Beast Boxes and will now be shipped sometime in April 2019.

While this delay mainly effects the physical box version of the game, it also means the free version of Sigil that will be released online will have to wait for the boxes to be in customers’ hands before it will be published. For those hoping to pick up a boxed version due to this delay, sorry. Romero confirms the box orders were through Limited Run Games and were, indeed, limited. That means for those who missed out on the order period of December 10-24, 2018 will still be unable to acquire a copy.

I just wanted to update you on SIGIL. There were a few snags in production trying to make sure everything is top-notch for fans!  I just wanted to let everyone who purchased either the Big Box or the Beast Box know that it is now looking like it will ship sometime in April. Thank you for your patience, and I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. This also means the free version of SIGIL will have to wait until after the boxes are in the hands of customers.

Sigil is the latest from famed Doom co-creator John Romero and was originally going to launch sometime this month. Sigil will be the unofficial follow up to Ultimate Doom and has new single-player levels full of demons, weapons, and nine new Deathmatch levels for everyone to enjoy. All you need is a registered version of the original 1993 version of Doom (or the GOG version) and install the expansion as a megawad (a mod that replaces data from the original game to create something entirely new). Sigil was announced by John Romero December of 2018 with special physical edition going up for a limited time shortly after as mentioned.

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