Journey to the Savage Planet Launches in January 2020

The release date for Journey to the Savage Planet has finally been announced.

Alongside releasing a new trailer this morning, 505 Games has today announced the release date for Typhoon Studios’ Journey to the Savage Planet.

Originally slated for a broad 2020 launch, Journey to the Savage Planet has now been confirmed to arrive on January 28 of next year. Upon launch, the game will be coming PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It will also be retailing for $29.99.

In addition to announcing the release date, 505 Games also launched a new trailer this morning for Journey to the Savage Planet which shows off a bit of new gameplay. You can also get a sense for the game’s wacky world and colorful art style in this new video, too.

I actually played a bit of Journey to the Savage Planet earlier this summer at E3 2019 myself, and I had a fair bit of fun with it. The game is actually much funnier than you might initially expect, and that levity is seen in a variety of avenues throughout the world. With some of the former members of Far Cry 3 working on this project, hopefully, it’ll make for an enjoyable experience.

Below you can find the new trailer if you’d like to give it a look. Journey to the Savage Planet is also now available for pre-order as well.

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