Jump Force Reveals Majin Buu Is Joining Its Roster with a New Trailer

Jump Force is adding good old chubby Majin Buu to its roster via DLC, increasing the number of Dragon Ball Z characters.

Bandai Namco announced Jump Force will be getting yet another Dragon Ball Z character with a new trailer. This time it’s Majin Buu. The good Majin Buu. He’ll be added via DLC this summer.

The trailer, which is included further below, is pretty short, but it shows Buu is bringing to Jump Force all of his signature moves. Buu’s got some heavy punches, some body slams and his iconic “turn into chocolate!” attack.

To be honest, I’m not sure how many people are actually still playing Jump Force now seeing our own review and many others pointed out the game’s multiple flaws. But it’s nice to see Bandai Namco is actually trying to keep the game alive and maybe improve it. DLCs characters keep coming and coming.

Obviously, this won’t be enough for me to grab Jump Force, but I’ve gotta say Majin Buu is actually one of my favorite DBZ characters. A lot of people back in the days used to criticize the Cell arc and the Buu arc. They said Dragon Ball Z became a mindless powerup fest and should have at most ended after Cell. I actually think the Buu arc is pretty good. Especially in how it revives the comedy + drama mix of the early days of the series. Buu is one of the funniest characters and coupled with things like Gotrunks’s shenanigans, it makes the arc pretty great in my opinion.

Anyway, Jump Force is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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