KartRider Rush+ is coming to take Mario Kart Tour's mobile karting crown

Nexon’s upcoming KartRider Rush+ is promised to be the most expansive kart racing game on mobile, aiming to deliver a vast array of modes, tracks, and racers that should hopefully please the genre’s many fans.

The KartRider series has a long and storied history, having spawned many games across almost as many genres. This latest title seems like a fairly straightforward, though greatly enhanced, version of the series’ earlier karting experience, but it obviously has some fairly stiff competition in the form of one Mario Kart Tour.

Its characters, including Dao and Bazzi, might be well-known to fans of the series – or those with an astonishingly good memory – but they’re hardly household names here in the west. Rather than rely on its big names, KartRider looks to be trying to outdo MK Tour’s content offerings across the board.

There are solo races, multiplayer, arcade mode, speed races, clubs to create or join, dozens of tracks and karts to try out, extensive customisation options for your characters, and more. It sounds like a lot – certainly more than Tour could deliver at launch, at least.

Its social aspects sound similarly fleshed out, giving you the option to visit your friend’s home or take them on in real-time PvP races. Then there are the clubs that I mentioned earlier.

Could it take on Mario Kart Tour and win? Only time will tell. No solid release date is yet known, but we do know that it’ll launch for both iOS and Android. More info can be found over on KartRider Rush’s official site.

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