Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Reveals Four New Characters: Urd, Vor, Bragi, and Hermod

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, the new spinoff focusing on shota Xehanort, will receive regular news updates and new character reveals till release.

Just as promised back in mid-may, now that we’ve entered June, Square Enix revealed new details on Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, the spinoff game focusing on Xehanort’s younger days. New characters have been revealed via the game’s official twitter account, which also promised regular news till release:

Here are the new and old characters appearing in the game.

First off, we have Xehanort as a young boy, as the game will explain how he became the main villain of the Kingdom Hearts games and Sora’s nemesis till Kingdom Hearts III. A younger Master Eraqus also appears as Xehanort’s friend, and the game will explain how the two bonded together back then. The duo would often hang out together back then, practicing as hard as they could as Keyblade wielders in-training, and play games together.

Together with Eraqus and Xehanort, four other characters were revealed. We only know their names and appearances for now, as profiles for each one of them will be shared in the following days. These four characters are Urd, Vor, Bragi, and Hermod. Fans around the world are already speculating on each one of them.

Another update will come on June 10:

You can read the first details on Dark Road here. Square Enix was recruiting for future Kingdom Hearts games in late 2019. Tetsuya Nomura also spoke on the future of the series.

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