Knight Quest is a chess inspired runner coming later this month

Knight Quest, the latest endeavour from Golden Bite Games is a chess inspired runner where you play as a knight, as in the horse chess piece. It’s coming to both iOS and Android later this month. It was previously known as Runnedrez where it impressed us last year.

It’s an interesting concept to blend chess with a runner that sees enemies trying to stop you. The twist is they are bound by their chess rules. A bishop will only be able to catch you on a diagonal whereas a queen will be a threat from multiple angles at presumably any range. By the looks of the trailer, it will still be turned based with the enemies moving after you’ve chosen where you’re going next.

If that sounds fairly easy to avoid then that’s most likely why the developers have chosen the piece you’ll play as to be the best of the chess family, a knight. The knight’s unique L-shaped movement means that you’ll have to pay more attention to where you’re landing and think a few moves ahead to ensure you don’t get caught. 

It is possible to take pieces and there appear to be various pickups that will remove enemies surrounding you or freeze them so you don’t have to consider their next move. There will also be familiar runner type obstacles to hinder your progress as well such as bombs, saws and cracked floors that will give way if you land on them.

It will feature various levels to hop your way through all of which are displayed on the map in L-shaped distances away from each other, which is a cute touch. You’ll also able to take on an endless mode when you want to try and tackle the leader boards.

It certainly looks to be a cool little game with an interesting spin on a fairly predictable genre. Knight Quest is set to be released on iOS and Android later this month.

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