Knockdown Heroes is a fast-paced one-on-one multiplayer game from the creators of Overkill

Prolific mobile games publisher Rogue Games has just launched its latest title, Knockdown Heroes. It’s a free-to-play action game that mixes top-down PvP action with some interesting card collecting elements. Each match is a frantic fight for survival as players go head to head to earn rewards and be crowned victorious.

Before heading into battle, you’ll choose from nine distinct heroes, with each offering up their own skills and combat styles. Once you’re happy with your selection, it’s time to take on your rivals in real-time 1v1 combat.

Winning will net you trophies, new skills, handy buffs, and more. Spells, which can be collected from chests, allow you to upgrade your heroes and unlock exciting new abilities, gradually making your roster more unique to you.

And you’re going to have to think carefully about how you customise your hero’s skills if you’re to scale the leaderboards and ultimately lead your clan to victory.

The game is said to offer intuitive, mobile-friendly controls, an eccentric cast, and a mid-core strategy experience. You can expect the usual daily quests to complete and limited-time events to test your mettle on. There’s also a season pass here for extra rewards.

Knockdown Heroes was developed by Craneballs Studio – a name you may recognise if you’ve played the Overkill shooter series. Harry reviewed Overkill 3 back in 2015, calling it “a big silly flappy bang bang nonsense of a shooty game. If it was a noise it would be ‘wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee'”, before awarding it a very respectable Bronze Rating. With pedigree like that, how can you say no to Craneballs’ latest?

Jan “Cefo” Cefelin, co-founder of Craneballs, said “the inspiration for the game came while telling the team about a conversation with my young son about ancient gladiators. Things quickly strayed from historical fact to creating fictional gladiator personas”. You’ll see this reflected in the game’s larger-than-life character designs.

If you’re looking for something to play with friends, you’ll find Knockdown Heroes available for download now as a free-to-play title from both the App Store and Google Play.

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