Later this week, you'll be able to pre-order an official Destiny shoe

Designed in collaboration with Palladium.

Are you a fan of moon-wizard-based multiplayer sci-fi shooters and novelty footwear? Well then have I got exciting news for you! Bootmaker Palladium and developer Bungie have birthed a Destiny themed shoe straight from the almond-shaped central opening of this most audacious Venn diagram, and it’s yours to pre-order later this week.

Palladium’s Destiny shoe is a boot with a flap, tastefully presented in, I guess, astronaut grey, and adorned with a selection of franchise-appropriate labels and logos.

Speaking as someone who only ever played the story campaign of Destiny 1 and thought the whole thing was, honestly, ridiculous, my knowledge of Bungie’s franchise is somewhat limited. However, Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips assures me that the Destiny boots’ Ocean of Storms insignia is a reference to an important moon-based location in Destiny lore.

And, really, what self-respecting fan wouldn’t want a reference to an important moon-based location in Destiny lore clamped snuggly around their feet?

In fairness, Palladium’s Destiny boot, while perhaps somewhat conceptually tenuous, is, I reckon, actually quite tasteful as far as these things go. Perhaps not understated as such, but I certainly wouldn’t be entirely embarrassed to slip them on when out in public, whether that be for a trip to the supermarket or for a casual moon-stroll.

And if you too enjoy their lunar tones, you’ll be able to pre-order a pair on the Bungie Store from 11th October, at 6pm in the UK/10AM PDT. There’s no word on price, but these similarly be-flapped Palladium boots start at around £75.

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