Latest Cat Quest II Trailer Shows Off Paw-some Co-op Action

Cat Quest II brings cats and dogs together in the ultimutt co-op catventure.

Cat Quest was a fun RPG from developer The Gentlebros. You starred as a cute little cat on a quest to save your “catnipped sister”. The Gentlebros are back with a follow-up that adds one of the more requested features from the original: co-op. Cat Quest II forces together two of the most unlikely heroes as a cat and a dog have to team up to save both their homelands. Give the co-op trailer a watch below.

Cat Quest II finds the cat-ruled lands of Felingard and the dogs of the Lupus Empire locked in an eternal struggle. The respective kings from the two lands are forced together and must do battle to “reclaim their thrones”. Whether you play with a friend or alone, you’ll control both cat and dog as you make your way through the story’s tail.

Cat Quest’s real-time combat, quirky story, and cutesy graphics seem tailor-made for a fun, co-op experience. This will certainly be a hit among families looking for a good game to play together over a weekend. In addition to co-op gameplay, the sequel adds new weapon types, more spells, and a larger variety of passive abilities (even further opening up your combat paw-sibilities). To test your skills, the game has trap-filled dungeons that should challenge even the most hardened furriors.

Cat Quest II is coming to PC on September 24. It will release on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One later this year. So grab a friend and get ready for the “ultimutt catventure!”

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