Latest Children of Morta Trailer Gives an In-Depth Look at the Bergsons Family

Get to know the Bergsons just a little bit better as we near the console release date for Children of Morta.

Children of Morta has been out for a few weeks on PC, and the console version is quickly approaching. Today was filled with announcements from both companies as Sony hosted the next State of Play and Xbox debuted another episode of Inside Xbox. One of the quieter releases was an in-depth trailer for Dead Mage’s latest action RPG. Children of Morta has several cool things going for it. Give the trailer below a watch to see what the team is working on.

The new trailer shows off the entire Bergson family in all their hack-and-slash glory. The game plays out like a roguelite. You’re leveling up as you go, which lets you boost the stats of both the character you’re playing as and the family as a whole. Each of the six family members has their own unique loadout. This should mean it will be easy to find a Bergson you jive with.

John, the father, is your typical sword-and-board warrior who can survive most encounters. His eldest daughter Linda is a deadly archer that fights her battles from afar. The other family members are Kevin (rogue), Lucy (fire mage), Mark (martial artist), and Joey (he smashes stuff). You will further modify your characters by picking up items either in the procedurally generated dungeons or from one of the shops.

There is a ton to explore here and you can do it all in local co-op (online multiplayer is coming). Children of Morta comes to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on October 15.

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