Latest Tetris 99 Update Adds Team Battle Mode and More

Tetris 99 gets its own version of team battle royale with the latest update. And players can try out the new mode in the new Maximus Cup tomorrow.

Tetris 99 came out of seemingly nowhere to become one of the more interesting games on the Nintendo Switch. The mashup of Tetris and battle royale may sound odd on the surface, but it has proven to work incredibly well. The developers have continued to iterate on the concept and are now doing their version of team battle royales. The new mode looks like a ton of fun.

When you enter Team Battle Mode in Tetris 99, you’ll select one of four teams. These will be your comrades in arms once the battle begins. Each team is working against the others to have the last person standing. Of course, if you select a team and they begin the game with fewer players, your team will deal more damage from the start. It’s an interesting mix that should make for some exciting gameplay.

Coming with the Team Battle Mode update are several quality of life improvements. Players will have access to new button configuration options, user emblems, and the option to redeem themes from past Maximus Cups for 30 in-game tickets. Speaking of the Maximus Cup, the tenth iteration of the event starts tomorrow. Fortunately, you’ll be able to earn points for the cup in the new Team Battle Mode, making it an easy prospect to jump into. The top 999 players from the Cup will earn 999 Gold Points, which can be used to make purchases on the Nintendo eShop.

Tetris 99 continues to be one of the Nintendo Switch’s most interesting games. Who would’ve predicted that a Tetris battle royale would become a major reason to pick up Nintendo’s online service? Personally, I can’t wait to see what they bring to the table next.

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