Looks like The Witcher 3 on Switch is getting PC cross-save

And extra graphics options. 

There’s few things as annoying as starting a massive RPG from scratch when moving between platforms (I’ve seen the start of Skyrim about a dozen times), so it’s just as well that PC cross-save looks like it’s inbound for one of the biggest RPGs around: The Witcher 3 on Switch.

The mysterious new Switcher update, initially teased by the port’s developer Saber Interactive in January (in a now-removed social media post spotted by Wccftech), appears to have started rolling out in Korea – and so too have its secrets. Korean players have spotted graphics upgrades and an intriguing cloud save option, which looks like it works with Steam and reportedly GOG. Although there’s a lack of images to evidence the latter, it would certainly make sense seeing as GOG is a subsidiary of CD Projekt.

Along with images showing the changes in Korean, some images showing the changes in English have also been uploaded on Reddit, including one showing the Steam cross-save portal.

Can someone also tell me where to get that cute phone case?

Judging by those images and reports from Korean players, the graphics upgrade lets players tweak 10 graphics effects to their liking: including motion blur, blur, bloom, sharpening, depth of field, cutscene depth of field, light shafts, underwater effects and foliage visibility range.

It looks like they’ll make a significant difference, with comparison images showing a much clearer picture with reduced blur. Digital Foundry called The Witcher 3’s Switch port “a stunning handheld achievement” when it first released, so this patch could push it to all-new heights. It could even be called… a Cirious achievement.

The comparison images were shared by user Tolkien on Ruliweb, and I have to say, it’s lookin’ sharp.

Neither CD Projekt Red nor Saber Interactive have said anything official about the graphics upgrade or cross-save between Switch and PC. A couple of games such as Dauntless and Divinity: Original Sin 2 already have cross-save features on Switch, but The Witcher 3 would certainly be a major addition to this group. The question now is: Quen?

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