Mafia Trademarks Could Signal a New Game and a Mafia II Remaster

Take-Two Interactive has registered three Mafia-related trademarks that suggest a new entry in the series might be coming alongside a remaster of Mafia II.

Mafia III wasn’t great and we all know it. Its predecessor was received far better, though. That’s what makes a trio of trademarks registered by Take-Two Interactive in August so interesting. Two appear to be for the first two Mafia games, complete with their respective logos. The third is also for Mafia but it doesn’t feature any logos we’ve seen so far.

This has lead to some speculation that Mafia IV is on the horizon. As PC Gamer noted, trademarks only have to be renewed every 10 years. The first two games released in 2002 and 2011, respectively, which would make renewing those properties this year unnecessary. That doesn’t mean that the third trademark with the unfamiliar logo is a new game, though. It’s very bare with no description. It could simply be Take-Two trademarking the word “Mafia.” Still, there’s enough here to perk our ears up. If all else fails, the idea of a remaster coming down the line has a bit more meat to it.

Take-Two filed one more trademark just a day after the other three. This one is for Hangar 13, the studio behind Mafia III. Hangar 13 saw significant layoffs last year, followed by the opening of a new studio in Brighton, UK. 2K Czech had been merged into the Hangar 13 name by this point as well, giving them a few office locations. The trademark filings feature a new logo for Hangar 13 with all four locations being shown: Brno, Brighton, Prague, and Novato.

Ultimately, much of this is speculation. While there are some good reasons to believe there’s at least something Mafia-related coming, it’s best to remain cautiously optimistic for now. If and when more concrete information becomes available, we’ll have it for you.

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