Mario Kart Tour cheats, tips – Advanced tips for five stars on every track

If you’ve cleared through most of the tracks on Mario Kart Tour, then you likely know the same pain I’m feeling right now. It’s really hard to get five stars on each of those last few tracks, huh?

Yes, the Dry Bowser Cup and Metal Mario Cup are both incredibly challenging courses that demand you pull off incredible stunts in strict time limits, come in 1st place, and absolutely destroy the competition. Easier said than done.

These last few tracks are by far the hardest in the game, and almost feel a bit unfair, if we’re being honest. We’ve already done a guide for getting five stars on tracks and courses, but this deserves a guide for itself. These get seriously challenging.

And I’ve done it all, believe me – I even invested in the Gold Pass in order to ensure I knew what I was talking about and have outlined for you the very best way to get those five stars – no matter what.

200cc scores

One thing that just might help you get those massive scores on tracks is 200cc mode. I know, I know, you don’t want to buy the Gold Pass. Well, I didn’t either, but it turns out mobile games are my job or something.

If you happen to pay up for 200cc, then what you’ll get is a faster mode, and the main advantage of this faster mode is that the speed you’ll be traveling at means you’ll almost always be able to keep your combo.

We’ve mentioned it before, and stringing together actions to perform combos is how you earn high scores in this game, and with 200cc mode’s speed, you can lap the entire track whilst keeping a single combo, with smart play. That is certainly easier said than done though, and you’ll have to put in a lot of practice to get the perfect run.


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