Mario Kart Tour cheats, tips – New tours and Tokyo Tour explained

If you logged into Mario Kart Tour today, you might’ve found everything to be a bit different. All of the tracks you were playing are gone, in their place is a brand new selection of tours, in addition to a bunch of new drivers, karts, and gliders. What is going on?

That’s what this guide is here to answer and, believe me, this is not the end. You will be finding that tracks will be switching up regularly and new stuff will be added in time.

But it also means there’s a bunch of new rewards for you to earn, new rubies, and loads of coins for you to spend in the shop. That’s new stuff to add to your collection. Get ready to dive in…

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Every two weeks

Every two weeks you’ll find that the game has introduced a brand new load of tracks, tours, and much more. Of course, that also means there’s a whole bunch of new Grand Stars to earn.

With your existing collection, you should be able to get 5 Grand Stars one each of the immediately available tours pretty easily, though as you might imagine, the recommended equipment for many of the tours asks you to earn some of the brand new drivers, karts, and gliders that are available in the update.

In the current Tokyo Tour update, that means a brand new Tokyo track, and the New York track that starred in the last tour is gone. There’s also a bunch of brand new tracks here, some which will see you driving around Peach’s Castle, and others that you’ll remember from past Mario Kart games.


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