Mario Kart Tour cheats, tips – Weekly rankings and earning rewards

Mario Kart Tour has been available for a little while now, and you might have noticed that each week you’ll receive a ranking for one of the available tours.

This is your ranking, and it can result in a lot of rewards if you play your cards right. Alternatively, you can leave it idle and you will likely find yourself missing out on a bunch of nice freebies.

The fact is, if you find yourself in 1st place in the ranking each week, you can get a lot more rubies, allowing a lot more pulls. Do you see what I’m getting at here?

This guide is here so you know everything you need to about the ranking tours, how they work, who you’ll be playing against, and what you need to do to win. As long as you go into the weekly rankings with the following knowledge in mind, you’ll be placing highly.

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Weekly ranking

As mentioned, each week you will be tasked with a brand new tour to set high scores on. You will be matched against 20 random online opponents, and your scores will be compared against them to determine your final ranking.

It’ll be likely that the tour the ranking takes place on you’ve already completed, but that’s just more reason to go back and set new high scores, even if you have already acquired all of the Grand Stars from the tour.

By going back and setting new high scores in advance, you’ll be making a statement against your online opponents, and you might find yourself coasting to victory and earning the best rewards.

If you see your ranking placement has fallen, all you can do is go back and try and set new high scores to determine your new ranking. You only need to worry about the three main races in each tour, forget about the bonus challenge at the end.


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