Mario Tennis Aces Available for Free for a Limited Time Starting August 7

The timed event will Switch Online members to try out the game from 8/7 til 8/13.

Nintendo has just announced a free trial of Mario Tennis Aces for Nintendo Switch Online members. Those eligible Switch owners will be able to try out the game from August 7 until August 13. Nintendo has also confirmed that if you buy the title after participating in the trial, your progress in the game will carry over.

Mario Tennis Aces is a super-fun and competitive title and has sold very well. However, with all of the great releases the Switch has seen in the past year, perhaps the title is getting a bit lost in the mix. Nintendo may look at this free trial as a way to create renewed interest in it. In any case, if you were uncertain about buying the title on release, or have just been busy playing other games on your Switch, this like a great opportunity to give Mario Tennis Aces a shot. After giving the free trial a chance, you’ll know whether you want to commit to ownership.

Nintendo continued to support Mario Tennis Aces with post-launch content up until last month. New characters were available to unlock by participating in online tournaments, but Dry Bowser was purported to be the game’s final new character addition when he arrived at the beginning of July.

Nintendo has said that the full game is available during the trial, but you may have to wait for another opportunity to unlock some of these post-launch characters.

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