Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered on Switch Might Not Be Happening

Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered? Mass Effect Legendary Edition? Mass Effect Switch Edition? No idea.

What is going on!? Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered has been rumored to be heading to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for some time now with one retailer listing the game, and then a second retailer listed the three physical editions with a release date and new cover art. That retailer states an October 15 release date for all versions, but now, it looks like the Switch version isn’t going to be launching anytime soon.

As reported by Nintendo Life, a new video from VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb seems to put the Switch rumors to bed. Grubb is known for his insider knowledge of the video games industry. In his video from a live stream on September 18, Grubb seems to confidently say that out of the multiple games from EA coming to the Nintendo Switch, Mass Effect is “definitely not one of them.”

He claims he’ll be able to share details on the release next week, and was also involved in the Xbox Expansion Pass Podcast in which he seems to state that the trilogy will actually be titled “Legendary Edition” which, in honesty does have a nicer ring to it.

We’ve known that EA is planning to bring at least 7 of their titles to the Nintendo Switch, and we’ve already seen Burnout Paradise Remastered and Crysis Remastered hit the Nintendo console this year, and will even see Apex Legends arrive in Fall.

It has certainly become a very confusing turn of events. If a Switch version of the Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered — or Mass Effect Legendary Edition does come out alongside the Xbox One and PS4 versions then great, if not then will it be coming out next year? Maybe a touch later? Maybe not at all!? Of course, the very existence of the trilogy is only rumored and EA might not even announce it.

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