Mechstermination Force Unveiled for Nintendo Switch by Gunman Clive Creator

Gunman Clive’s creator has revealed Mechstermination Force for Nintendo Switch and describes it as a mix of Contra and Shadow of the Colossus.

Bertil Hörberg, a developer known for creating the Gunman Clive series, has been teasing his new game on Twitter for some time; today, it was fully unveiled. The game is called Mechstermination Force and is described by Bertil as a “mix of Contra and Shadow of the Colossus.” Best of all, it is set to release for Nintendo Switch later this Spring so its launch isn’t too far off. 

As Bertil Hörberg’s description suggests, the game is a sidescrolling shooter where players are tasked with taking down fourteen large robots, deemed MegaMechs in the world of Mechstermination Force. While the story looks to be the standard “save the world” fare, gameplay definitely looks like it will be exciting, varied, and as hectic as some of Gunman Clive’s biggest boss battles. Specifically, some of the mecha featured in Mechstermination Force’s first trailer remind me of the second and final bosses of the first Gunman Clive.

Each MegaMech players take on varies in design, attacking behaviors, and weaknesses like the aforementioned Shadow of the Colossus. Unlike Gunman Clive, Mechstermination Force will feature local co-op and four playable characters. On the technical side of things, Hörberg Productions is aiming for this title to consistently run at 6o fps. As for resolution, the game will switch between 1080p in docked mode and 720p in handheld mode. 

Overall, Mechstermination Force is poised to be bigger than Hörberg Productions’ previous two titles. It will cost $11.99, is being worked on by a team of 3 people, and has been in development longer than any of the studio’s previous titles. As an avid fan of the Gunman Clive titles, I am definitely looking forward to seeing what this boss rush game has in store for Nintendo Switch players. 

Mechstermination Force will be Hörberg Productions’ second Nintendo Switch game releasing this year. January saw the release of Gunman Clive HD Collection, which bundled together the two 3DS indie gems. Interestingly, that port was nearly complete for over two years before its launch and DualShockers was able to uncover the full story of its development. 

Those of you who want to see its in action for yourself can check out the trailer above or the game’s first screenshots below. Mechstermination Force is poised to release exclusively on Nintendo Switch in Spring 2018.


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