Media Molecule Says that Support for Dreams Could Continue After the PS5’s Launch

In a new interview, Media Molecule says support for Dreams could continue once the PlayStation 5 is out.

In an interview with Vg247, Media Molecule’s Daniel Kidney and Liam de Valmency say that support for Dreams could continue even after the PlayStation 5’s launch.

“When I think about Dreams, it’s like, we have this huge laundry list of features that we want to see,” says de Valmency. “I think with any creative tool, everyone has their own agenda for what they really want to make, so everyone has their own agenda for what they want to see in it. We have this whole backlog of cool features that we have only tried, or haven’t managed to polish, or we haven’t looked at yet. You know, new tools, we want to do new tutorials, new ways of teaching people, new ways of sharing stuff, new community features.”

De Valmency also says how the game’s beta helped the team figure out what Dreams is. He says that it’s important for it to be in player’s hands so they can fine-tune the curation process and make the systems robust.

Kidney also points out the game’s early access, which began back in April, was a good fit for Dreams. “We wanted to hone the onboarding and the tutorials so that people felt like they could create, and so we decided to do an early access release,” says Kidney. “Then we can sort of build this up slowly and foster the right kind of community, so that when we do go to full release, we’re going to not just amazing content that people have made, but also a community of players.”

“I think basically Dreams, we can just keep adding…I think we probably got like 100 years of features that we just roll out at this point,” de Malmancy continues. “The technical challenge really is prioritizing, how we figure out what’s most useful to people? We’re just trying to enable as many creators as possible to create the thing they have in their head.”

While there’s no official release date for Dreams, the Dreams Creator Early Access is available now on PlayStation 4.

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