Megaman X DiVE Announced with Teaser Trailer

Megaman X DiVE featuring stages and bosses mixed from various Megaman X games, will be launching for iOS and Android.

Capcom announced Megaman X DiVE for iOS and Android with a short teaser trailer. Details on the game were revealed as well. Megaman X DiVE takes place in the Deep Log, a world which archives data from all the Megaman X series. That world is suddenly sent in turmoil, with all the data getting mixed up, and it’s up to the player to put things back into order.

Megaman X DiVE is a typical action game in the vein of the Megaman X series. Megaman X DiVE  will feature many different stages, bosses, and characters from Megaman X games. New characters seem to be included as well.

The teaser trailer, included below, shows X and Zero as playable, but the key visual shown at the end also shows Axl, so he’ll probably be playable as well.

For now, no release date for Megaman X DiVE was announced besides “2019”. It’s also unknown if the game will feature microtransactions and how will they be used.

I was personally hoping for a console game, so I can’t say I’m not disappointed. New Megaman games have been quite rare and all of its series seem to be at a stop now. I personally wish Capcom would remake or make a new Megaman Battle Network game. There’s the new Gunvolt game coming out in September though.

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