Metal Gear Solid Original Soundtrack Gets Gorgeous Vinyl Release

Kojima’s 1998 classic gets a lush vinyl treatment.

For the first time ever, the Metal Gear Solid soundtrack is on vinyl. The beautiful 2XLP released today via It will sellout quickly though, so you better act fast if you want it.

The vinyl has released in two colors. One edition is traditional black, and the other is called “Green Smoke.” The issuing company, Mondo, has released vinyl in this fashion before, and the uniquely colored items tend to have limited stock. Again–act fast if you want it.

Check out the jacket and vinyl below. As you can see, this is a really stylish release. Mondo is the absolute best when it comes to producing these niche-interest vinyl releases. From the quality of the vinyl and its pressing to the art style and graphics that they choose, there’s just an incredible attention to detail in every facet of their releases. Furthermore, they have a great track record with video game music. They’ve put out vinyl pressings of the soundtracks from a number of Castlevania games, and they all sound just great. If you’ve any interest in those, by the way, Mondo’s Symphony of the Night pressing has been restocked.

Mondo’s blog post on the release is here. In it, they also advertise their vinyl issue of the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack.

For Castlevania, Mondo was very clear in letting people know that they planned to release music from several games from the series. Unfortunately, there has been no word on whether or not other games from the Metal Gear Solid franchise will receive their vinyl treatment. In either case, Metal Gear Solid has some of the most iconic and gripping music in video game history, and this is one release that you don’t want to miss.

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