Metal Gear Solid Switch Edition Fan Art Is a Sight to Behold

A Switch owner decided to rejuvenate their tired hand-held console and jazz it up by using the artwork from the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

How many times have we looked at our Nintendo Switch and thought “I would love a cool skin this” but ended up not bothering? Since many of us have a little more extra time lately, now is probably the best occasion to get stuck into some awesome artistic skins for our beloved hand-held consoles. But it still leaves the question: what kind do you choose? Never fret as one Switch owner came up with the coolest Metal Gear Solid decal that will make your Switch stand out from the rest.

Reddit user nukem23 put their creative cap on and decided to spice up their normal looking Switch with an insanely striking Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater decal. As you can see from the picture, the decal works extremely well covering the Switch like a glove in its trademark camo colors. The dock also looks pretty amazing and if you have an eagle eye, you may spot that nukem23 made the left joy-con decal a little different by slipping on a Metal Gear Solid 2 artwork instead. It truly would be an amazing idea if Konami ported the Metal Gear franchise to the Switch as there are plenty of fans that would play it on a newer, more versatile system on the go.
Thankfully, to get this decal, it’s a fairly simple process if it’s something you would like to partake in. The route Nukem23 took was that they uploaded the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection picture and placed it on their switch using the site decalgirl, which is a site that allows you to make your own skins, and got creative with their design tool. There are hundreds you can choose from in the pre-set menu or make up your own by uploading the cover art to your all-time favorite game and give your Switch a new, fresh outlook.
Last year, we finally heard a little bit of news about the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid movie. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts shared an update stating that a draft for the film’s script had been completed and turned in but since then, we haven’t heard much coming from the Vogt-Roberts camp. A release date had never been shared and now due to the Coronavirus, production is possibly going to take much longer.

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