Metro Dispatcher is an upcoming puzzler for Android that draws inspiration from Dinosaur Polo Club's Mini Metro

Metro Dispatcher is an upcoming puzzler from developer Edska Games that’s now open to pre-register for Android, though there’s no set release date yet. The game draws inspiration from Dinosaur Polo Club’s excellent Mini Metro and the developer is also on the lookout for beta testers.

As you might expect then, the aim of each level will be to guide trains of different colours to their various destinations. This is done by creating tracks for them to follow between their starting point and target station, which is controlled by simply dragging your finger across the screen.

The only way to control the train’s movement is by placing signals to tell them when they need to stop, otherwise, they’ll charge full steam ahead. That means you have to be mindful that they don’t collide with other trains. The developer has aimed for the easy to pick up but hard to master style of gameplay here.

They’ve also said that there are multiple solutions to completing each level. Therefore, they’ve also included a star rating system for each stage so you can see how efficiently you completed the level. This will be between one and three stars and your score is affected by the time, amount of track you use and the number of signals you built.

On launch, there will be over 100 levels to solve, with each becoming progressively more difficult. If you’d like to potentially play the game a little earlier by taking part in beta testing then you can join the game’s official Discord to get involved.

Metro Dispatcher is available for pre-register now over on Google Play. It’s set to be a premium game that will cost $1.99. There’s no release date just yet, however, the developer says they expect it to release within a month or two. 

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