Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto V Were the Top-Selling Digital Games on PS4 in July

Two of the top-selling games of all time continue to sell at alarmingly high rates.

Sony has today released the sales charts for the month of July 2019 from the PlayStation Store and the month’s biggest winners were two games you’ve probably heard of before.

The ever-popular Minecraft ended up being July’s top-selling game on PS4 in North America. Following quickly behind it was that of Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar. Both of these two titles are already some of the best-selling in history as it is and with little else in the way of new releases throughout July, it was easy for these two to climb back near the top. Plus, in the case of GTA5, the game has been on sale for a few weeks now as part of PlayStation’s Summer Sale. Both games were also ranked in the top 3 of all other regions outside of North America in July, too.

On the PSVR chart this month, Beat Saber once again took home top honors and was followed by Superhot VR and Vacation Simulator. These three games are typically near the top of the VR chart each month, so this should come as no surprise.

Lastly, the free-to-play chart in July was won by the PvP survival horror Don’t Even Think. Following behind this was then the usual slate of free games such as FortniteApex Legends, and Dauntless, in that order.

You can find the top-20 PS4 games for last month along with the top PSVR and free-to-play charts as well down below.

PS4 Games
1 Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition
2 Grand Theft Auto V
3 Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
4 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
5 Star Wars Battlefront II
6 Marvel’s Spider-Man
7 EA Sports UFC 3
8 Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
9 Rocket League
10 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
11 MLB The Show 19
12 Need for Speed Payback
13 Battlefield 4
14 Devil May Cry HD Collection
15 FIFA 19
16 Destiny 2
17 DayZ
18 The Sims 4
19 Gang Beasts
20 Red Dead Redemption 2
PS VR Games
1 Beat Saber
2 Superhot VR
3 Vacation Simulator
4 Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted
5 Job Simulator
6 Blood & Truth
7 PlayStation VR Worlds
8 Arizona Sunshine
9 Astro Bot Rescue Mission
10 Drunkn Bar Fight
Free-to-Play Games
1 Don’t Even Think
2 Fortnite
3 Apex Legends
4 Dauntless
5 Brawlhalla
6 Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Lite
7 Warframe
8 Warface
9 Paladins
10 World of Warships: Legends

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