Minecraft Dungeons Gets a Charming New Cinematic Trailer

Minecraft Dungeons is an upcoming, stand-alone action-adventure game set in the Minecraft universe.

What would happen to the Minecraft world if one loner Illager found a secret object of immense power? That’s the question you’ll be answering when Minecraft Dungeons launches next year. Today, the team behind the upcoming Minecraft spin-off has released a brand new cinematic teaser that sets up the story behind Dungeons. Give it a watch below.

Minecraft Dungeons is taking Minecraft in an interesting direction. The game plays like a classic action-adventure game and wears its inspirations on its sleeve. When you see players link up in intense combat, you’re instantly reminded of the many dungeon crawlers that have come before. All of the usual playstyles are applicable here. You can get in the monsters’ faces and deliver crushing melee blows or hang back and ping your enemies with ranged attacks. It’s all very classic dungeon-crawler and seems perfect for the Minecraft universe.

Up to four players can team up together to take down the evil Arch-Illager. You’re able to play in both local and online co-op, which should make this a perfect family game. Minecraft continues to be one of the most successful properties in gaming. This spin-off makes perfect sense as the next stand-alone game for Mojang. The developer knows the property well and has a great opportunity to innovate within their massively popular universe.

Minecraft Dungeons doesn’t have a firm release date yet, though the team is targeting spring 2020. When it launches, it will come to Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Xbox Game Pass owners will also get a copy with their subscription.

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