Minecraft Earth Comes to Early Access Next Month

Minecraft Earth is the latest AR game to release on mobile devices and is trying to make user creativity one of its main selling points.

Minecraft Earth is an upcoming AR mobile game for iOS and Android. At Minecon this weekend, Mojang debuted a new trailer for the game and announced that it would be coming to early access in select countries next month. The trailer does a great job of demonstrating some of the neat things people can do with Minecraft Earth. Check it out below.

Minecraft Earth is, in some ways, similar to games like Pokemon Go and Harry Potter Wizards Unite. However, it’s doing a number of new things that should make it stand out in that crowded market. Minecraft is a game that encourages creativity and Minecraft Earth will look to do the same. You’ll collect different kinds of blocks all over the world at random spawns. Once you’ve collected enough to satisfy yourself, you can select from several pre-made templates to start your creation. Then, you’ll use the blocks you’ve collected to add on to the pre-built structure.

It’s not quite as open an experience as normal Minecraft. You’re restricted in a number of ways that just aren’t there in the main game. That said, this game has some potential outside of its name brand. I don’t know if the day one experience will be flawless, but if they continue to iterate on the design, I could see it becoming popular. It likely won’t be Pokemon Go popular, but it could easily outsell Wizards Unite.

Minecraft Earth comes to Android and iOS soon. The early access period will start in select countries next month and the full release will follow.

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