Minecraft Earth will hit Early Access in some regions starting tomorrow with others being added weekly

Minecraft, Mojang’s upcoming venture into the augmented reality realm, will begin rolling out in the Early Access stage this week. Mojang’s plan is to add new countries every week between now and the end of the year so as many folks as possible can head out and dabble with pixelated blocks in the real world.

To coincide with this announcement they’ve also released a new trailer giving players an idea of what to expect when Minecraft Earth makes its way to their region which you can see below. We don’t learn anything particularly new from it however, it more just shows some glimpses of the game in action.

You’ll have your creative mode that you’re likely familiar with if you played any amount of Minecraft where you’ll be able to assemble your creations on a kitchen table. You’ll then be able to take that to a location with more space and see your hard work realised on a much grander scale.

It also appears that you’ll either have access to templates that you can immediately construct in the world or save your own creations to quickly build later on. You’ll also be able to battle zombies and spiders with your friends in what is seemingly the Minecraft Earth equivalent of a raid.

To play Minecraft Earth when it hits your region later this year you’ll need an iOS device with iOS 10 or later and for Android, you will need 7 or newer. So it should work even if your phone is ageing a little at this stage.

Minecraft will be rolling out into different counties periodically over the coming weeks. You can pre-register now on Google Play. The game will be available on iOS too but there is currently no store page. You can also sign up for information on the official site to get yourself a free skin and a chance to be invited to the beta.

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