Monster Hunter: World Has Now Passed 13 Million Copies Sold Worlwide

Capcom is showering Monster Hunter: World players with gifts after passing another sales milestone.

Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World just keeps chugging along when it comes to sales and recently has passed another impressive milestone.

As announced by Capcom, Monster Hunter: World has now surpassed the 13 million mark for units shipped worldwide. The last time we heard shipping totals for the game was back in May when it was stated that 12.4 million units had been sold-in at the time. So that means in the last few months, at the very least, 0.6 million copies have been sold.

To celebrate this new mark, Capcom is also now rewarding players of the game with some new items. Whenever you log-in between July 25 and August 29, you’ll be rewarded a handful of different items that could help you out in your own journey. You can see more specifics of this in the tweet at the bottom of this page.

Not only is Monster Hunter World: World already Capcom’s best-selling game ever, but with the new Iceborne expansion arriving later this year, the game’s sales will only likely continue to go up. We tried out Iceborne at E3 last month and we have a feeling that it’s going to be quite a good expansion.

Monster Hunter: World is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Iceborne is slated to launch on September 6 for consoles with the PC version of the expansion arriving later on.

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