Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Features New Mechanic Clutch Claw and Screens Showcasing New Monsters

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne gets a new mechanic called the Clutch Claw, as well as new screenshots for the monsters and QOL changes.

A new Hunter’s Notes entry for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne reveals some quality of life additions, screenshots of new monsters, and a brand new mechanic. Said mechanic is called the Clutch Claw. The blog post further breaks down the basic controls and applications for the gameplay mechanic:

To use the Clutch Claw, hold L2 to aim and press Circle to fire (even if your weapon is drawn!) and pull yourself onto specific parts of a monster. Then you’ve got options:

  • When latched onto your target’s head, you can press Circle to make the monster rotate, changing the direction it’s facing.
  • Press R2 to spend all of your remaining Slinger ammo to unleash the “Flinch Shot” (again, as long as you’re mounted on the beast’s head), which sends the monster careening forward. If the monster runs into a wall or off a cliff, it stuns your quarry and gives your squad a prime opportunity to dish out some huge damage.
  • Press Triangle to execute a standard attack — this isn’t the same as what happens when you mount a beast; it’s more of a quick whack on the way back down to the ground. Depending on which weapon you’ve equipped, this will either soften up that part of the monster, increasing damage and making it less likely for your attacks to be deflected, or it will make the beast drop slinger ammo for you and your fellow hunters.
  • There are also some interesting new things you can do without first grappling onto the monster, depending on the weapon you’re carrying. Pressing L2 after applying my hammer to a monster’s face, for example, allowed me to fire off a quick “Slinger Burst” for some extra damage.

You can check out the Clutch Claw in action with the brief demonstration video below:

We also get some new screenshots for the upcoming new monsters in the game. The first top three (as well as the featured image) is of the Barioth. Then on the bottom from left to right are Coral Pukei Pukei, Nightshade Paolumu, and Viper Tobi-Kadachi:

A couple quality of life changes have been added to the game. The first is that you no longer having to hold down X to take each end-of-hunt item individually. The second is there’s now a confirmation dialogue when equipping an item loadout that asks whether you want to use that loadout’s customized radial menu as well.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will release on September 6th for PS4 and Xbox One and for Steam in January 2020. Check out our preview of the expansion here, as well as a story trailer and more information on the new world.

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