Moonlighter’s Developer is Partnering With 11 Bit Studios Again for Project Foxhole

11 Bit Studios is publishing two new indie games from the studios behind Moonlighter and Seven: The Days Long Gone.

11 Bit Studios keeps growing as a boutique indie publisher. Its last three games – Frostpunk, Moonlighter, and Children of Morta – have all been very good. Today, the publisher revelaed partnerships for two upcoming games. They are codenamed Project Foxhole and Project Vitriol, and you may already know the developers behind these titles.

Starting with Project Foxhole, it is being developed by Digital Sun Games, who you probably know as the team behind Moonlighter. Unfortunately, they aren’t sharing much else about the Project Foxhole right now outside of the fact that it is a new IP. Digital Sun Games CEO Javier Gimenez commented on his team’s renewed partnership with 11 Bit Studios: “We badly wanted to work with these guys again. As a team, we feel 11 bit did a great job with Moonlighter and we both want to do even better things together. It’s really as simple as that.”

Moving on to Project Vitriol, Seven: The Days Long Gone developer Fool’s Theory is currently working with 11 Bit Studios on the game. While Seven: The Days Long Gone was a stealth title,  Fool’s Theory confirmed that Project Vitriol is a “meaningful RPG.” CEO Jakub Rokosz also chimed in on the publishing partnership, highlighting that Fool’s Theory “are truly happy to align with 11-bit studios.” He adds that the publisher is “known for their ability to find the unique spirit in a game” and believes that Project Vitriol “fits impeccably with the type of projects they like to work on.”

DualShockers will be sure to let you know whenever 11 Bit Studios decides to unveil Project Foxhole and Project Vitriol. 11 Bit Studios plans to share more about both games in 2020.

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